ROXINY '9 Months'

Abusive relationships are asphyxiating, dark, and dull. Relationships like this are poisonous, it’s leprosy, slowly eats your soul. Being silent has been the way to go for many women going through this experiences. Most of the time people that you know might be going through the same struggles. I wanted to paint this canvas of women bodies with their eyes and mouth closed, almost dead looking. Simple tee shirt, no make up, just realness. This piece is to empower ourself to get up and shine even brighter. There is always a light shinning at the end of the cave, a path. That light guides us, as we must acknowledge that we are also light, full of love, full of dreams. Life is beautiful and colorful, full of joy and hope, and most of the time it gives everyone another chance to embrace life once again. Directed by: Fernando Rodriguez Morales Cinematographer: Shlomo Godder Edited by: Shan Nicholson + Fernando Rodriguez Morales Produced by: Raised by Wolves Executive Producer: Shan Nicholson Post-Production: DYAD